National Intervener Certification E-Portfolio (NICE) For Interveners

Information for Interveners

If you are a practicing intervener or have participated in intervener training and are serving a deaf-blind student or client, the NICE process provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate attainment of knowledge and skills outlined in the Council on Exceptional Children's (CEC) knowledge and skill competencies for interveners.  

Using the NICE process, candidates develop and organize evidence from their own training and practice that address the CEC competencies and submit it for independent review. Successful candidates are awarded a national intervener certificate. 

NCDB is collecting perspectives of both interveners and mentors as they work through the NICE process. There are interviews from both mentors and interveners.

NICE Certification Perspectives

Steps for Interested Interveners

Show Interest     

Contact your state deaf-blind project or college/university training program to discuss your interest in pursuing NICE certification, or use this online form to get connected through NCDB.

Complete the NICE Training Modules   

All potential NICE candidates must complete two online modules that provide information about the NICE process and how to develop an e-portfolio. Access to the modules occurs through the relevant state deaf-blind project or university partner. Candidates complete the modules either as individuals or as part of a cohort of learners, depending on the processes of the state deaf-blind project or university partner. 

Meet With Your Mentor      

Every candidate must have a mentor, assigned by the state deaf-blind project or university partner, who provides guidance and feedback during portfolio development. Mentors have access to their assigned candidates’ e-portfolios and are required to provide a minimum of three sessions (face-to-face or virtual) for a total of at least six hours to provide feedback and support.

Sign Up for Venture

Venture is a secure website where e-portfolios are housed and shared. Once a candidate has completed the NICE modules and been assigned a mentor, he or she will receive information from their state deaf-blind project, university partner, or NCDB about how to register and submit the $40.00 administration fee. The candidate and mentor will each be given a Venture account and password.

Build Your Portfolio

Use the knowledge you gained from the NICE modules to create your portfolio and upload it to Venture. Portfolio development typically takes 3 to 6 months. All portfolios have a 12-month completion deadline, but 3-month extensions are available for extenuating circumstances upon request.

Submit Your Portfolio for Review

  • Once you and your mentor agree that you are ready, submit the e-portfolio for review.
  • Portfolios are reviewed and scored by two trained reviewers.  Expect a certification decision and confidential feedback letter within 2 to 3 months.
  • Use the feedback to make improvements and re-submit if you do not pass.
  • Celebrate your 5 year certification!

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