National Intervener Certification E-Portfolio (NICE) Review & Score

NICE Review and Scoring Process 

The PAR2A Center, with technical assistance from NCDB, manages the NICE Review Board, whose members sign confidentiality/impartiality agreements to serve in this important role. All reviewers go through a training process and use a scoring rubric to evaluate portfolios.                               

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Each portfolio is scored by two reviewers. Their scores must agree at least 80% of the time for the overall portfolio score to be considered reliable. A third reviewer will be recruited if the initial reviewers’ agreement rate is less than 80%.

NICE receives support and guidance from advisers, who are respected leaders from family, consumer, and professional organizations or universities, and have a deep commitment to the practice of intervention and the field of deaf-blindness. Advisers are responsible for reviewing overall progress data with the PAR2A Center and offering general feedback on the review process. Advisers do not review individual portfolios but agree to participate in reviewer training in order to fully understand the role of the reviewer.

The PAR2A Center is ultimately responsible for determining whether national certificates are awarded to interveners and is responsible for all communication, written or verbal, to interveners regarding their performance and certification determinations.

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