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Partners in Action Ideas

Family Engagement

Partners in Action Ideas

Family Engagement

This page was last updated on Mar 12, 2014 at 1:45 pm



The following ideas were suggested during the NCDB-NFADB Partners in Action forum discussion. 

Creating a Vision Statement for the Partners in Action Campaign

Create of a vision statement for Partners in Action by NFADB Board

Utilize the For Families page on NCDB website to promote vision statement and messaging about the Partners in Action Campaign

Insert a video message that points to one or two resources.

Resources/Materials on Interveners

Free download of the Booklet: A Family' Guide to Interveners for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss,'s%20Guide%20to%20Interveners.pdf

Training opportunities provided by State Deaf-Blind Projects

Open Hand Open Access Modules housed on the NCDB website

CHARGE Syndrome Intervener Facebook page moderated by Jody Greenberg Wolfe

Four week training session on Intervener Module #3 hosted by NCDB and NFADB. More information can be found NCDB website under events.

Promotional “Awareness” Strategies

Use video vignettes to help describe important issues that continue to surface in family circles; e.g. clarification of what is an intervener, how to access an intervener in my state, how does it differ from respite and support service provider efforts.

Link resources about interveners between NCDB & SDBP websites

Disseminate information and resources abut interveners  through family support organizations and local family resource networks

Use social media (Facebook, Twitter) to disseminate information and reach more families;

Facebook is a powerful tool for getting information out in a "sound bite." The sound bite can help draw people into a more comprehensive resource

Create a video message that everyone could use on their Facebook page or in emails.

Check the Facebook pages of other projects, organizations, etc. to get new ideas & learn more about resources and materials

State deaf-blind projects can identify families in their states who might be able to serve as ambassadors to get the word out to other families and also to districts or other education agencies

> Create a Wikipedia page on Interveners;  (Done by GL 3/18/2104)


Expand “Deafblindness” Wikipedia page to include interveners

All types of individualized supports (intervener, interpreters and Support Service Providers) should be described on the Deafblindness Wikipedia page.

Partner with State Parent Resource Centers (PTIs)

Not everyone is on facebook or twitter. We need a reliable, easy to access place for parents to access information. I think having it on NCDBs, NFADBs and state project websites will be very helpful.

Messaging Tips

Streamline the message:  make it easy for people to get the information they need.

Share information that is really pertinent to families

Do not overwhelm people with lots and lots of resources

When possible, disseminate articles that give a short, clear summary of the topic

Use videos or pictures to grab interest and to help better understand the content.

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