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Empowering Young Adults who are Deaf-Blind


Empowering Young Adults who are Deaf-Blind


This page was last updated on Aug 13, 2015 at 1:43 pm


This wiki was adapted from a powerpoint produced by Emily Taylor-Snell. She presented this information during the transition webinar in 2015, Catching Up with Transition. You can access the full powerpoint from here. 

The information presented covers the impact of the transition institutes on young adults who are deaf-blind in the transition age range. Each young adults below had the opportunity to attend a transition institute over the last several years. Their stories below share where they are now after attending the institutes. 

Empowering Young Adults who are Deaf-Blind

DB Transition Institute

A bit of our history and its challenges: 

DB Project ChallengesYouth Challenges
Inspire and train parents/siblingsYoung adults isolated from each other
Develop collaborative relationships with schools and 
adult service agencies
Isolated from community
Resource allocation and budget considerationsAccess to information
Sustain networks and relationshipsAbysmal education outcomes

High unemployment and under employment
 Not aware of DB community or culture

What is it all about?
  • Young leaders and advocates
  • Training's by DB presenters
  • Place to share gifts and talents
  • Teens as co-planners, presenters, and mentors
  • Family involvement
  • Network of skilled SSPs and Interpreters

A Recipe for Success!

  • Mentors Presenting
  • BBQ for Dads
  • Guide Dog Presentation'
  • Deaf-Blind Role Models
  • Futures Planning
  • Youth Presenters
  • Role Playing
  • Quality Interpreting
  • Technology
  • Making Lasting Relationships!

Components of the DB Transition Toolkit

What's Happening Now?
Deaf-Blind Young Adults after the Transition Institutes
The following Young Adults participated in 1 or more DB Transition Institutes to help them prepare for life after high school. Here are highlights of their journeys! 


Tiffany in her cap and gown at her college graduation from the University of South Florida.

Tiffany graduated University of South Florida as a
Technical Writer. She has just received a promotion to
supervisor at WellCare. She serves on Transportation
Board and other advisory groups for disability rights.

Zaakirah taking a picture next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

 Zaakirah completed photography college in DC and 
started her own Nayyar Photography business. She 
shared her talent with children in Africa summer 2014.
She just got engaged and now lives in Tennessee!

Diyva takes a picture with her award for Perseverance at Valencia College in Orlando.

 Divya was in the first group of Young Adults in Action
and met President Obama. She was also a delegate at
the HK World Conference in Uganda in 2009. She 
co-facilitates the HKNC 2 Week Teen Program. She is 
Mentor Facilitator for the Transition Institutes and a paid
Public Speaker. She won an award for Perseverance at
Valencia College in Orlando.

Victor in his cap and gown at graduation from Florida School for Deaf and Blind.

 Victor (left) graduated Florida School for Deaf and Blind
and was on state Championship Football team. He attends 
Valencia College in Orlando. 

Leann enjoying an event at the Lions Club Conklin Center in Daytona Beach.

 Leann is attending Lions Club Conklin Center in Daytona
Beach for Independent Living and Vocational Skills.
She wants to work with animals.

Winfield posing with a friend at one of his art events.

 Winfield completed training at Lions Club Conklin Center,
has his own apartment, works part time, and is attending
Daytona State College for art.

Marissa takes a picture with a friend.

 Marissa (right) is in the Masters program at University
of North Florida for Business Management. She is a 
Mentor and has co-presented on transition in the Virgin

Francesca smiling for a picture with her friend.

 Francesca graduated the University of British Columbia,
Vancouver and worked at the Canadian Embassy in
Washington, DC and recently moved to Chicago. She 
has traveled to Spain, South America, and Istanbul.

Ryan communicates with a friend at an event.

 Ryan (right) graduated from RIT and works in Pennsylvania
developing apps for digital devices. Ryan is an expert
enthusiast on commercial aircraft.

Wideline takes a picture with a cake creation she has made.

 Wideline graduated from Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
in Baking and Pastry. She is lead decorator at Publix 
Bakery. She is a leader in her church and recently moved
into her own 1 bedroom apartment.

Christina takes a picture with some friends at a restaurant.

 Christina (right) is completing Hillsborough College and
plans to transfer to Gallaudet University to study 
historical research. 

George takes a picture in front of a pond.

 George attends Texas Tech University in the Honors
College pursuing journalism. He enjoys Jiu jitso and cooking.
He has a guide dog names Vail.

Katie takes a picture with her crown when she won the FSDB talent pageant.

 Katie is in her last year at Florida School for the Deaf
and Blind with dual enrollment in a neighborhood HS. She 
won FSDB talent pageant. She plans to attend HKNC before
entering college.

New Jersey

John takes a picture with a birdhouse that he has made.

John has an online business selling cards with his original art
designs. John graduated college in New Jersey and is an
Assessor and Trainer for National DB Equipment
Distribution Program.


Ashley poses next to one of her clay sculptures.

Ashley is a talented artist in clay sculptures and has won several
awards. She completed training at HKNC and is starting the 
University of TN Martin. She is a Mentor and also does public


Aubre takes a picture with a chocolate lab puppy.

Aubre is talented with designing computer art and has sold some of 
it. She went to HKNC after graduating MS School for the Blind. She
is currently attending the Addie McBryde Rehabilitation Center
in Jackson.

Austin poses for a picture.

Austin studies at Mississippi State University and worked at the 
Boy Scouts of America.


Danielle paying attention to a talk at an event.

Danielle entered college Fall 2013 with a partial scholarship from
NFB. She contributed to a Bookshare Tech presentation for 
PDM 2013.

Samantha posing for a picture in a boat on a lake.

Samantha graduated from Kentucky School for the Blind.
She served as Counselor at the KY Youth Camp.



Matthew pays attention to his interpreter during a lecture.

Matthew (left) is the youngest board member of National            
Federation of the Blind, DB Member Section.

South Dakota

Nicole smiles for a picture.

Nicole attends Augustana College and wants to be an historian for a museum
in DC or New York.

South Carolina

Evan smiles for a picture taken in his kitchen.

Evan graduated High School and attended Helen Keller National

Eva Marie poses for a picture with her husband.

Eva Marie attended College of Charleston. She sells her knitting
creations online through Facebook. She is married with two
adorable sons.

Jeremy poses for a picture with a friend.

Jeremy (left) will be attending Helen Keller National Center.
He is a talented story teller and advocate for Deaf-Blindness.


Virginia signs to her ASL students.

Virginia graduated from the University of Georgia and is an
ASL Teacher. She is part of DB Citizens in Action and 
attended HK World Conference in Uganda in 2009.

Jake shows a friend something on his phone.

Jake (left) is a Mentor at the DB Transition Institutes.
He attends college and contributes to many tech forums. He
enjoys working as a DJ.

Keyonal smiles for a picture.

Keyonal will graduate RIT in 2015 in Administrative Support
Technology. She has a summer internship.

Kevin sits at a table with some friends.

Kevin (left) attends college for Computer Science.
He runs an online Tech Forum. He is also a Mentor.

Enedina poses for a picture with a birdhouse she just made.

Enedina graduated college and trained to be a Special
Education Teacher. She is a Mentor for Transition 

Eddie poses for a picture with some AdvoCare merchandise.

Eddie studies Business Administration at Gallaudet and is 
an Adviser to AdvoCare. He is a health enthusiast and runs a
blog as a DB Advocate.

**This wiki was adapted from a powerpoint produced by Emily Taylor-Snell. She presented this information during the transition webinar in 2015, Catching Up with Transition. You can access the full powerpoint from here. 

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