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ITTI Feature


ITTI Feature


This page was last updated on Jan 25, 2016 at 10:04 am


Interdisciplinary Transition Team Initiative (ITTI) 

                                   Jakob in chair in front of Christmas Tree        Family group photo of Jakob and his family (Dad, Mom, two sisters and brother)

The ITTI Team for Team Jakob began in September 2015 with a Kick-Off Meeting. In that meeting we developed an action plan and the transition timeline was initiated. Since that time there have been two additional meetings which allowed for continued discussion on the timeline and created opportunities to increase the capacity of both the school and the family support system.  Although the person-centered plan (PCP) was facilitated later than anticipated, it served to open discussion within the team about transition-related supports, dreams for the family, and family concerns about the future. The PCP set a foundation for the team to begin planning for the IEP and begin a transition plan focused on Jakob and personalized to develop the necessary skills and services to benefit him as he progresses through school as a transition-aged student.

Jakob's Person Centered Plan

Long white paper across a wall with Jakobs person centered plan.

Jakob's new ramp

Jakob in wheelchair being pushed up the ramp by support service.

Collaborative Teaming

The team is fortunate to have a multidisciplinary team of professionals that collaborate monthly on the ITTI project.  The team also has weekly meetings that address issues or concerns that arise.  All personnel are housed within our school, which is a huge benefit.  

Multi-Tiered Design

The Action Plan and Person Centered Plan allows the team to focus on long and short term goals for Jakob. Since beginning this process in September, it has already created opportunities to explore school-based and community-based options for Jakob.  Some examples include vocational and social opportunities in our school-based store, incorporation of his gait trainer into his school day, the use of AT equipment that was previously not available without the assistance of team collaboration. Additionally, the team has begun to look at community camps and activities that Jakob can be a part of within his home district and community.

On-Going Technical Assistance

The school team will continue to be supported by a variety of technical assistance interventions and supports.  These include the Education/Family Consultant(s) from the PA Deaf-Blind Project to revisit the action plan, to provide resources and to view and discuss the webinar series.  An Assistive Technology Assessment through the PaTTAN/IU system is planned. 

Transition Planning Tools

Transition Planning Tools currently being implemented are the Transition Timeline Checklist, Action Plan, PA Timeline with Resources and the Student Profile.  These tools have been essential to staying on target and methodically addressing the appropriate and timely action planning necessary for Jakob at age 15. 

The team utilizes an on-line file for Jakob that ideally will continue with him throughout his years here at school until graduation. The hope is that any future team can pick up and continue with Jakob’s action plan, PCP, and understand his longer term plans.

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This looks great Shelby and well done team Jakob!

Mike Fagbemi

Posted Jan 27, 2016 by Mike Fagbemi

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