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Data Facts


This page was last updated on Oct 4, 2017 at 11:38 am


Data Facts - A Snapshot of the Transition Age Population from the Annual Child Count

Transition-age youth and young adults make up a large proportion (nearly 40%) of the overall population of children and youth identified and served by the Deaf-Blind Network. This varies considerably from state to state, ranging from a low of 13% to a high of 56%.

Approximately 60% of transition-age youth and young adults are served at least part of the day in their neighborhood school in a regular education classroom, consistent with the overall school-age population.

Nearly half of the youth and young adults for whom we have Part B exiting data in 2014, graduated with a regular diploma (39%) or a certificate (10%). One in ten transferred out of special education to regular education. Nearly one in four (23%) aged out of Part B. One in eight (12.5%) were identified as having dropped out prior to aging out.  A disproportionate number of girls and young women dropped out, as did those who’s educational placement was identified as home/hospital bound or in a parent-placed private school (includes home schooling).

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