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Transition Initiative Bulletin Board Archive


Transition Initiative Bulletin Board Archive


This page was last updated on Mar 8, 2019 at 1:08 pm



The Transition Initiative Bulletin Board Archive is a collection of older resources moved from the main Bulletin Board page. We will continue to provide access to these resources on this site.  

Web-based Resources

A Young Person's Guide to Health Care Transition

Another resource on making the transition from pediatric to adult health care is available from the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD/Youth).  A Young Person's Guide to Health Care Transition reviews topics youth should consider around transitioning to adult health care, living a healthy lifestyle, and paying for health care.  

DeafBlind Interpreting National Training and Resource Center (DBI)

This publication shares the outcomes of a comprehensive needs assessment whose purpose was to identify the competencies required of interpreters working with DeafBlind individuals. Conducted in 2017 by DBI staff and the Core Team, the Needs Assessment serves as the first step or component of the larger curriculum effort undertaken by DBI, that being the development and dissemination of a curriculum guide that includes learning objectives, activities, and source materials for use by qualified educators and trainers.

Deafverse - Interactive Game for Youth  Who are Deaf to Learn Self-Advocacy Skills

The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC) has created Deafverse, an interactive game that supports deaf youth with the development of their self-advocacy skills as they navigate real-life scenarios based on everyday experiences and setting. Deafverse is based on choosing your adventure games, which offer a safe environment to apply critical thinking skills while engaging in problem-based learning by testing a variety of responses to challenges and conflicts. Deafverse is available in English and ASL and can be played on computers or mobile devices at no cost to players.

Evaluation Toolkit – NTACT

NTACT developed the Evaluation Toolkit to assist transition educators and service providers to improve their programs and services by determining what’s working and what’s not. This toolkit provides specific examples for state and local teams who are developing goals and tasks to improve transition education and services for students with disabilities. The Toolkit provides downloadable documents that can be edited by the user.

From Assessment to Practice: A Model for Teachers - NTACT

NTACT has identified instructional practices and predictors for improved post school success based on the best available evidence. This model was developed to provide teachers with a process for incorporating them into the transition planning process; from transition assessment to classroom instruction.

Guideposts for Success

NCWD/Youth also developed the resource, Guideposts for Success to help steer families, institutions, and youth through the transition processes. It includes five guideposts: 

  • School-Based Preparatory Experiences
  • Career Preparation & Work-Based Learning Experiences
  • Youth Development & Leadership
  • Connecting Activities
  • Family Involvement & Supports

The resource is available in both English and Spanish.

Health & Transition Site – PACER’s National Parent Center on Transition and Employment

PACER recently launched a new Health & Transition section on their website. The new section includes a range of information related to transition planning and managing health care as an adult.  Topics include: 

It's My Future iPad App 

 It’s My Future! is designed to support adults with developmental disabilities to become more self-determined and to meaningfully participate in their annual planning meetings.

Strategies for Establishing and Maintaining a Successful Interagency Transition Team

This tool, from the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) lists strategies to help you keep your transition team running smoothly.

The Parent Transition Survey

This survey was developed to assist in identifying parents/family member's thoughts on their child’s life after high school. The purpose is to provide a better understanding of needs and expectations for the child’s future. It is available in English and Spanish. 

Transition Planning Tips for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Youth with Disabilities

PACER has also developed a new resource on working with culturally diverse youth.

Unique Technologies Presented at First Deaf-Blind International Conference

In this article, Scott Davert reviews some of the technology shown in the vendor areas of the Deaf-Blind International Conference for the Network of the Americas. Organized by Deaf-Blind International (DBI), and the Perkins School for the Blind, this conference is geared toward children and adults who are, or live or work with, people who are deaf-blind. 

Online Training

Secondary Transition: Student-Centered Transition Planning

This module will help users to better understand the benefits of student-centered transition planning, identify ways to involve students in collecting assessment information and developing goals, and be able to prepare students to actively participate in their own IEP meetings. Estimated completion time is 2 hours.

Recorded Webinars 

Culturally Responsive Practices for Youth and Young Adults with and At Risk for Disabilities 


To continue to meet the evolving needs of all students, especially culturally and linguistically diverse youth and young adults with and at risk for disabilities, a greater understanding of equity and inclusion in education is warranted. This session is designed to center the importance of culture in the application of pedagogical and behavioral interventions. The authors intend to demonstrate how culturally responsive practices (CRP) can be used to build positive-student teacher relationships; enhance teacher-parent collaboration and communication, and foster an inclusive and caring learning environment with high expectations with the goal of positively improving educational outcomes.

Family Support in Post Secondary Education

This webinar looks at positive ways that families can help support their youth with disabilities in post-secondary education opportunities. 

Moving Beyond Compliance to Outcomes: Tools to Use

Transition Coalition – University of Kansas, Beach Center on Disability

Provides examples of how two states have focused on quality implementation of the IEP for transition goal implementation.

Transition Coalition & NTACT Online Resource

Provides a guided tour of the online resources on the Transition Coalition and NTACT websites. 

Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes for Students Participating in a Model Seamless Transition Program 

This session: 1. describes a seamless transition model that features research based service components; 2. compares vocational rehabilitation service elements, service costs, and vocational rehabilitation (VR) closure statuses of youth served through this model with a matched sample of youth who received other services; and 3. offers implications for transition and VR practice with students and youth with disabilities, especially in the context of transition

HKNC Training for Individuals Who are Deaf-Blind

No archived items. 

Federal Resources

No archived items.  

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