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Preparing to Address Challenges in the EHDI System

Early Identification and Referral

Preparing to Address Challenges in the EHDI System

Early Identification and Referral

This page was last updated on Apr 29, 2014 at 12:40 pm


Historically, state deaf-blind projects have experienced varying levels of success in improving early identification and referral of infants and toddlers. To address this challenge, state deaf-blind projects have found ways to share their most successful strategies. Recent work has also involved the examination of evidence-based early identification and referral practices to build on past efforts and respond to current funding requirements.

The activities included here are examples of strategies that lay the foundation for focused implementation efforts. They are closely aligned with evidence-based practices which have been identified as having particular relevance for our network. Start here – then move on to Resources for Under-Identification and Resources for Under-Referral, which provide clear steps for implementing practices that have a record of producing positive results. 

Do Your Homework

  • Increase staff knowledge regarding the EHDI Program in your state 
  • Find out what policies exist in your state regarding EHDI follow up policies
  • Find out what policies exist in your state regarding referrals for vision assessments for infants who do not pass their newborn hearing screening
  • Compare etiologies related to childhood hearing loss to those that also put children at risk for vision loss
  • Look at EHDI data annually when you analyze your National Child Count data and look for trends that suggest further investigation

Make Connections

  • Look for existing network opportunities (e.g. statewide maternal/child committees, local conferences, social media, pediatric audiologists)
  • Meet with your state EHDI Coordinator to explore ways to make connections within mutually beneficial circles and assist each other’s efforts
  • Invite an EHDI representative to serve on your advisory board

Get the word out

  • Share resources from your library/resource center
  • Include EHDI Coordinators on your distribution list(s)
  • Contribute fact sheets and/or articles to EHDI newsletters or websites
  • Provide awareness materials (brochures/referral information/fact sheets) to be included in information packets for families of infants identified with a hearing loss

Resources for Under-Identification

Resources for Under-Referral

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