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April 2017 EI/R Update!

Early Identification and Intervention

April 2017 EI/R Update!

Early Identification and Intervention

This page was last updated on Oct 28, 2018 at 1:11 pm


April 2017 EI/R Update!

Early Identification and Referral

Happy April Everyone!

We’ve got some exciting announcements and resources to share with you all related to Early Identification and Referral…

1) We have 2 upcoming webinars we hope you will join:

On Wednesday, April 19 at 12 PT we will be hosting a webinar on the soon-to-be released Part C Framework called “The Sooner the Better: A Technical Assistance Framework Based on DEC Recommended Practices for Early Intervention Providers”. This framework was created by a talented group of state deaf-blind projects, NCDB staff and Barbara Purvis (former EI/R Initiative lead at NCDB). This webinar is for you if you are wanting to enhance the support you provide to early interventionists and families in meeting the unique needs of infants and toddlers with combined vision and hearing loss. At the webinar, we plan to provide a tour of the framework, show you some of the tools in it, and discuss the TA we plan to offer to support its use.

On Wednesday, May 24 at 12 PT Rose Moehring (South Dakota) and Sherri Nelson (North Dakota) will be joined by Part C providers in their states to talk about how the OHOA Modules have had a positive impact in supporting the training of Part C providers in their states. You’ll be able to hear first-hand from providers themselves and there will be time for questions and answers at the end of the session.

Log-in information for these webinars can be found here:

2) At the March 2017 Deaf-Blind Summit and through the State Deaf-Blind Project Survey, we learned that you all would like more information about the Zika virus. Here’s a link to an article we thought you might be interested in reading:

Also, I shared the following in the January 2017 EI/R Forum post, but thought it was worth mentioning again….

In the ECTA Center eNotes, there’s information about new Zika Resources from the CDC (released Dec 2016) including preliminary estimates of birth defects after Zika Virus infection during pregnancy based on data available as of September 22, 2016 and 2-page fact sheets. Go here to learn more:

3) Here is a Facebook page about CVI we thought you all may want to follow: Thanks go to Lyn Ayer (OR) for bringing it to our attention!

4) The Western Regional Early Intervention Conference (WREIC) is being held June 14-16 in Scottsdale, Arizona. This conference is designed to support professionals working with, and families of, children birth to five years old who are deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired, or deaf-blind.

5) The Nevada Dual Sensory Impairment Project has released a guide called “Could You Please Tell My New Teacher?” A Parent/Teacher Guide to Successful Transitions—Nevada Dual Sensory Impairment Project. This user friendly guide is designed to help parents and teachers with transitions from early intervention to preschool, kindergarten to first grade, and even transitions between grades or schools. It serves as a means to consolidate critical information about the student to make his/her transition easier (for example, information on how the student communicates, instructional adaptations, what he/she likes or does not like, positive behavioral supports, problem-solving techniques, medical information). If you would like a transition guide, please contact the Nevada Dual Sensory Impairment Project - Phone: 775-784-6471 OR Email:

We hope everyone has a wonderful April and that we will see you at the upcoming webinars. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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