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Practicum Committee

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

Practicum Committee

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

This page was last updated on Aug 25, 2015 at 2:41 pm


The formation of the Practicum Work Group was influenced by NCDB's Intervener Services Recommendations.

Recommendation 4: Develop strategies to ensure that interveners have knowledgeable supervisors and access to experts in deaf-blindness who can provide consultation and coaching.

As the OHOA modules have been developed through intensive partnership with members of the DB network, there has been ongoing discussion of the need for a structured practicum or internship experiences for interveners to solidify knowledge and skills through practice and to receive support from mentors in the field of deaf-blindness. In January, 2015, some state partners who are developing or have existing intervener training programs were invited to join this committee to develop and field test guidance documents for interveners, mentors/coaches, and instructors within a practicum context.

As the work of the eportfolio system has been developing, the practicum committee has come to see elements of eportfolio development and the practicum experience as linked efforts. 

Members of the Practicum Committee include:

  • Carolyn Monaco, Professor at George Brown College, Canada
  • Edgenie Bellah, Family Specialist, Texas Deaf-Blind Project
  • Cathy Lyle, Educational Specialist, Minnesota Deaf-Blind Project
  • Deanna Rothbauer, Family Specialist Minnesota Deaf-Blind Project
  • Beth Kennedy, Director, Michigan Deaf-Blind Project
  • Cindi Robinson, Director, Arizona Deaf-Blind Project
  • Debbie Sanders, Project Specialist, Utah Deaf-Blind Project
  • Susan Patten, Director, Utah Deaf-Blind Project
  • Jessica Edminston, Coordinator, Alabama Deaf-Blind Project
  • Kathee Scoggin, Deaf-Blind Consultant, Washington
  • Nancy Steele, Project Specialist, NCDB
  • Leanne Cook, NCDB
  • Mary Tellefson, TVI & COMS, Wisconsin
  • Amy Parker, Coordinator of Professional Development and Products, NCDB

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Great Barb! So glad to have you as a dedicated partner!

Amy Parker

Posted Aug 28, 2015 by Amy Parker

This is an excellent addition to the process! I look forward to contributing to the project and interacting with this wonderful synergistic team.

Barbara Martin

Posted Aug 28, 2015 by Barbara Martin

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