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Interveners and Qualified Personnel

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Module Users Community of Practice

Many state partners are using the OHOA modules in Moodle to host professional development training or to embed modules within their university coursework. This group brings those partners together to share their hosting experiences and to develop expertise. The group meets virtually on a regular basis and stays connected within a group on the NCDB website.

For information about this group and it's activities, contact Julie Durando.

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Student and teacher using hand under hand to communicate about objects displayed in a calendar system

Teachers of the Deaf-Blind Community of Practice

Students with deaf-blindness are considered a low incidence population nationally.  Partners in this community are developing strategies to ensure that this group of students have teachers with knowledge and skills to meet their needs.  Watch in Spring of 2016 as information about planning for this community begins to take shape.  

The Council for Exceptional Children has developed national competencies.
CEC DVI Knowledge and Skills for Initial Special Educators Serving Students with Deafblindness

The CEC also houses a Division on Visual Impairments and Deafblindness

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 Personnel Preparation & Research

In the spring of 2015, NCDB rejuvenated its personnel preparation work begun in the previous grant cycle in 2006, and brought together previous and newly identified work group members to review and assist in the implementation of the Recommendations to Improve Intervener Services. Specifically, the work group was charged in assisting with Goal 2’s fourth recommendation and implementation activities.  A work scope was outlined at the Summit 2015 meeting.

Read the focus and work plan outlined by the group

CEC Competency Based Dialogues to Support Students with Deaf-Blindness
A plan for developing a national perspective are summed up in the blog post by Amy Parker, 

For information about this group and it's activities, contact Linda McDowell.

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Since the launch of this national initiative in 2012, new products, developed with a community of partners, are contributing to the development of national supports. 

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