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OHOA Progress and Outreach to Date

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

This page was last updated on May 25, 2016 at 4:49 pm



Our Community work is reaching more people. We celebrate collaboration with the reach and the use of this shared, community-created resource.

Image credit: Elayne Kuletz

[Image Description: An infographic titled "OHOA 2016: A Story of Growth." The background is a pale blue-green with graphics in slate grey, dark mauve, and a lighter gray color. Underneath the title reads "State partners use OHOA to build awareness, knowledge, and skills for local service providers and familes." To the right of this is a cartoon silhouette of the top half of a person holding a pointer stick out on top of a dashed ascending line.
Below that reads "Our Moodle site is growing..." which sits on top of a bar graph showing user growth. January had 3,743 users, February had 3,878, and March had 4,109. 
Underneath the bar graph are five full-body cartoon silhouettes. Four are grey and one is blue; next to them reads, "More than 3,757 new course enrollments have been recorded this year, including 3,012 in hosted modules."
This is followed by a box stating, "19 new state deaf-blind program cohorts have started this year." To the right of this are four state shapes.
Near the bottom of the graphic reads, "OHOA participants come from all 50 US states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and more than 50 other territories and countries around the world." Next to this passage is a cartoon globe. 
The bottom of the graphic contains the logos of OHOA, IDEAs that Work, TA&D, and NCDB.]

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NCDB : The Research Institute : Western Oregon University : 345 N. Monmouth Ave. : Monmouth, OR 97361
Contact Us: 800-438-9376 |

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