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Interveners and Qualified Personnel

Untitled Wiki Page

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

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Beginning in September 2017, state deaf-blind projects will have an opportunity to support individuals in their states to enroll in an intervener training pilot project offered by NCDB. Our goal is to enroll 30 individuals interested in becoming certified interveners. Each must be supported by their state deaf-blind project. 

The pilot is an alternative option for state projects that do not use a university-based program or believe their states’ training needs are best met through project-supported training. Using the Open Hands, Open Access (OHOA) Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules and the National Intervener Certification E-portfolio (NICE) System, in conjunction with consultation and coaching offered by state deaf-blind projects, NCDB hopes to increase the number of trained interveners across the nation and build the capacity of state deaf-blind projects to offer intervener training.

The following resources are for use by state deaf-blind projects participating in the project. 

Helpful Materials

State Deaf-Blind Project Announcement  

Information for Schools and Agencies

Information for Participants 

Intervener Services and Interveners in Educational Settings: Definition


State Deaf-Blind Project Application to Participate

Candidate Self-Evaluation (online)

Candidate Self-Evaluation  (printable version for note-taking prior to completing online version)

Candidate Agreement 


Cohort 1 Syllabus 

Cohort 2 Syllabus 

Cohort 3 Syllabus 

Request Additional Information

If you have any questions about these materials or the Intervener Training Pilot Project, contact:

Kristi Probst

NCDB, Interveners & Qualified Personnel Initiative Lead

(309) 287-4158

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