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Interveners and Qualified Personnel

Untitled Wiki Page

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

This page was last updated on Dec 15, 2017 at 8:54 am


December News

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Upcoming Webinars

  • The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation is presenting a 3-part Intervener Webinar Series.  More information to come!
    • First Webinar (January 21) to focus on Foundational Issues such as (but not limited to):
      • Justification for an intervener
      • How is an intervener different than another professional
      • Settings in which an intervener can be utilized
      • Training – what’s involved/competencies/OHOA modules as a resource for professional development
      • What to expect from an intervener
        Using an Intervener with an adult as well as a child

    • Second Webinar (Feb/March) to focus on Outcomes and Case Studies, including an Intervener, a parent whose child uses an Intervener, and other presenters who will share their experiences with interveners and the impact interveners have on the child.

    • Third Webinar (March/April) to focus on the Legal Process.  Providing parents information about the law and how to go about “respectfully demanding” the Intervener service.  

  • NCDB 2-Part Communication Webinar Series - Save the Dates! -

    • NCDB is excited to announce that we are offering a FREE 2-Part Webinar series related to communication development for children with combined vision and hearing loss and presented by Dr. Susan Bashinski, Graduate Program Coordinator and Associate Professor at Missouri Western University.  This will be a great training for teachers, service providers and families. Practical useful strategies will be shared. Watch the NCDB website for log-in information coming in the weeks ahead.

    • More details to come, but here are the dates and times:

      • Wednesday, February 28 at 12 PT - Part 1 - "Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange - How to Start"

      • Wednesday, March 21 at 12 PT - Part 2 - "Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange - Strategies"

  • AER’s Division on Multiple Disabilities and Deafblindness is hosting a webinar regarding self-regulation/sensory processing and availability for learning by David Brown.  The webinar will be on February 12, 2018 at 1PT and will last 90 minutes.  More information to come!


  • The Module User Group has been discussing possibilities for projects to co-hosting modules or send participants to take modules hosted by other projects. Some opportunities include the option of earning university credits. Anyone interested in joining these conversations could email

Intervener Services

  • We have a fantastic resource on our website regarding Intervener Services Recommendations -

  • The Qualified Personnel for Children with Low-Incidence Disabilities: Focus on Deaf-Blindness can be found on our IQP Group Materials page (  This document describes the history of the Intervener and Qualified Personnel Initiative beginning in 2011 with the development of recommendations to improve intervener services. It also describes progress made in recent years to promote the role of teachers of students who are deaf-blind.

Teacher Preparation
  • Looking for university coursework in deaf-blindness?  We have information on Teacher Preparation Programs that include coursework on deaf-blindness here:

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