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Interveners and Qualified Personnel

Untitled Wiki Page

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

This page was last updated on Feb 6, 2018 at 11:18 am



  • The Module User Group has been discussing possibilities for projects to co-hosting modules or send participants to take modules hosted by other projects. Some opportunities include the option of earning university credits. Anyone interested in joining these conversations could email Julie Durando.

Intervener Services

  • NCDB has been interviewing and collecting information from state projects who have made progress in promoting recognition of intervener services and establishing a state infrastructure for intervener training and support.

Teacher Preparation

  • In December, we held our first Teacher of the Deaf-Blind Community of Practice planning meeting with interested state project partners.  In response to the meeting, a survey was sent out to the meeting participants to gauge interest and further explore the idea.  More information to come!

Upcoming Webinars

  • The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation is presenting a 3-part Intervener Webinar Series.  

    • The first webinar was held on Sunday, January 21.  The recording can be found on the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation website

    • Second Webinar (February 25,2018) to focus on Outcomes and Case Studies, including an Intervener, a parent whose child uses an Intervener, and other presenters who will share their experiences with interveners and the impact interveners have on the child. 

    • Third Webinar (March 25, 2018) to focus on the Legal Process.  Providing parents information about the law and how to go about “respectfully demanding” the Intervener service.  

  • NCDB 2-Part Communication Webinar Series - Save the Dates! - 

  • AER’s Division on Multiple Disabilities and Deafblindness is hosting a webinar regarding self-regulation/sensory processing and availability for learning by David Brown.  The webinar will be on February 12, 2018 at 4 ET/3 CT/2 MT/1PT and will last 90 minutes.  

    • Description of webinar:  Most children with congenital deafblindness today have significant medical issues which result in other sensory systems, as well as vision and hearing, also not working properly, including perception of pain, smell, taste, touch, and balance. Because every one of our senses is designed to develop and work simultaneously with all the others, a problem with one sense may result in problems with the functioning of other, apparently unrelated and intact, senses. Two of these ‘other’ senses, the proprioceptive sense and the vestibular sense, are particularly important but often ignored. Knowing about these senses, how they work, what might happen if they are not working properly, and what to do about it, can make a surprising difference to the development of functional vision and hearing. A consideration of the functions of ALL our senses can help us to understand why we self-stimulate, and also understand what any child’s self-stimulation behaviors tell about their difficulties and needs. As a result of this perspective many behaviors that are generally thought of as ‘bad’ begin to be seen as actually quite smart adaptive responses. Sometimes accepting, or re-channeling, or even encouraging these behaviors can be much more helpful than merely trying to stop them. 
    • To access the educational session, please dial: USA Number: 412-380-2000  Canada Number: 866-605-3851 and enter Code: 9053252#

NCDB Staff Presentations

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