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The Open Hands, Open Access (OHOA): Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules are a national resource designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills related to intervention for students (ages 3 through 21) who are deaf-blind and being served in educational settings. They were developed in response to Recommendation 3 of the Recommendations to Improve Intervener Services.

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The modules, created by a diverse group of experts in the field of deaf-blindness (state and national deaf-blind project staff, parents of children who are deaf-blind, higher education faculty, teachers, educational interpreters, interveners, and more), were designed to be used as part of comprehensive intervener training programs offered by qualified agencies or institutions. The content is aligned with Council for Exceptional Children standards that outline knowledge and skill competencies for interveners.

Creators & Contributors

On their own the modules do not serve as an intervener training program. In addition to intervener training, many people have found the modules useful for other purposes, including:

  • Training about deaf-blindness offered by state deaf-blind projects for teachers, paraeducators, families, and related service providers

  • Self-study

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Module Formats

Format 1: Moodle 

The Moodle format is used for groups and cohorts to gain access to all 27 modules within a learning management system. Advantages include:

  • Ability to enroll users

  • Discussion boards

  • Quizzes

  • A mechanism for submitting assignments

As of July 2018, this format is only available to state deaf-blind projects or university programs providing a hosted experience for groups. 

Format 2: NCDB Website 

The NCDB website format has the same content offered through Moodle, but does not have quizzes, discussion boards, or the ability to submit assignments. 

It does not require registration or login and provides an alternative format for users who need easier access to individual elements (e.g., slide presentations, handouts, assignments) or who use the modules for self-study. This format is also ideal for university programs to obtain module elements to add to their own learning management systems.

Access the NCDB Website Format.    


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