National Child Count

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National Child Count

Each year in December, state projects serving children who are deaf-blind report on children identified in their state. The count serves as the common vehicle to meet federal grant requirements for both the state/multi-state and national technical assistance projects. It also serves as a common data collection and reporting mechanism for use across the country. This group serves as the nexus for state project activities related to the child count, its purpose, focus and discussions.

Ways to Participate

1 Conduct Annual Deaf-Blind Child Count. Find current forms and instructions

2 Review National Child Count Annual Reports.

3 Compare state data visually using the National Child Count Interactive Data Maps.

4 Use online tools to analyze deaf-blind child count data.

5 Listen to Mark Schalock's short presentation on the purpose of the child count


6 Explore existing materials and share resources.

7 Use the Forums to ask questions or share strategies with other project staff. 

8 Contact Mark Schalock or Robbin Bull.


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