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Young adults who are deaf-blind experience significant challenges when transitioning from school to desired post-school outcomes such as community inclusion, college, and career readiness. The foundation of the national work in transition is a shared vision based on principles of equity, opportunity and independence. The technical assistance that state deaf-blind projects provide within their individual states makes it possible for the national network to build on relationships, resources and models to move closer to a national system of supports and solutions based on a collective understanding of what works. Work within this initiative continues to focus on the development of tools and activities that actively engage families and service providers. This initiative invites parents, teachers, and service providers to share in the national efforts to improve transition results for youth who are deaf-blind.

Initiative Lead

Technical Assistance & Support

Teaming is at the core of good transition practice. This initiative facilitates existing partnerships among members of the TA&D network, state deaf-blind projects, teachers, and families so that they can collaborate in the development of tools and models to improve transition outcomes. Both the ITTI and the Transition Institutes serve as models for the implementation of evidence-based practices to improve life outcomes for young adults.

Questions related to technical assistance or one-on-one consultations are available with Initiative Lead, Mike Fagbemi.

Initiative Background & Data Facts
Understand the intent of this national initiative and the role it plays in bringing state deaf-blind projects, families and service providers together to improve individual outcomes for young adults. Data facts tells a story of this population using the data from the National Child Count.  

Tools for Technical Assistance

Transition Initiative Bulletin Board
This is a place to share new resources, upcoming events, and other information from our partners both within and outside of the deaf-blind network.

Accessing the Dream: Preparing Deaf-Blind Youth for a Self-Determined Life
Over the last 11 years, Transition Institutes have brought state deaf-blind projects, families, and young adults together to share stories and experiences. What has evolved tells a compelling story and has produced knowledge to share. This video product uses a taxonomy of effective transition practices to
  • promote youth perspectives on self-determination, access, and networking;
  • build the capacity of service providers to prepare youth for college and career;
  • raise expectations of families so they can better support their child; and
  • promote interagency collaboration.
This product is also available in Spanish.  

Transition Toolkit
This product is a repository of information, tools, and resources that serves as a model for hosting a workshop for deaf-blind teens ages 14-22 and their families. This toolkit was produced in collaboration with the Southeast Regional Transition Institute Team.

Youth Voices
Stories offer a way to share information and experiences, and within this initiative we are regularly publishing stories about young adults who are deaf-blind. These stories, told by young adults and their families, highlight best practices of self-determination, family involvement, and access. They enrich our vibrant network and highlight the belief that "together we are better."

Network Collaboration

Technical Assistance Models

Interdisciplinary Transition Team Initiative (ITTI)

The ITTI in New York and New England is a multi-year, multi-state initiative focused on enhancing transition outcomes for young adults who are deaf-blind between the ages of 14-21. This model incorporates evidence based practices for young adults who have combined hearing and vision loss, their families, and educational team members. Resources and products related to Transition have been developed. Review one students family and team effort.  For information contact Susanne Morgan Morrow.

New England Consortium's Transition Team Initiative (NEC's TTI)

The NEC TTI ran a year long model to deliver evidence based practices to young adults who are deaf-blind, their families and educational team members.  Incorporating families into program development and planning, identifying key supports and services and increasing service provider skills were part of developing a person centered plan and educational program.  For information, contact Tracy Evans-Luiselli.

Transition Institutes

Transition Institutes have historically sought to bring together young adults and their families to build skills and provide training in the pursuit of better personal transition outcomes. The institutes are rooted in a rich history of shared expertise, resources, and vision. Products and tools have been developed that other states can use to host their own institutes to assist these young adults in post-school life.  View photo stories of past institutes in the initiative wiki.

Current Initiative Activities

NCDB : The Research Institute : Western Oregon University : 345 N. Monmouth Ave. : Monmouth, OR 97361
Contact Us: 800-438-9376 |

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