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Interveners and Qualified Personnel

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Interveners and Qualified Personnel

The focus of this national initiative continues to be the implementation of the 2012 Intervener Service Recommendations, which describe the need for qualified interveners and for those interveners to have access to qualified supervisors, coaches and teachers. This work is also guided by the recognition of the specific needs for qualified personnel in deaf-blindness and the integration of CEC competencies. Partners in the initiative include practitioners in the field, teachers, interveners, state deaf-blind project staff, university faculty members, family members and representatives from professional organizations.

Initiative Lead

Technical Assistance & Support

OHOA Modules
The TA provided to state project adopters of the OHOA Modules is designed to address skills in using Moodle and management of online learning.  The content that is delivered has four components: 

  • defining the state or university purpose in using the materials
  • developing competence and confidence in using the Moodle system with groups of learners
  • using and designing online outreach or engagement strategies to meet specific technical assistance goals
  • using data from hosting sessions for evaluation purposes

To address this purpose a targeted approach to technical assistance is utilized and training materials have been designed. Our technical assistance steps include

  • exploration or needs assessment
  • introduction of information about evidence-based knowledge and skills during inservice activities
  • ongoing consultation and coaching to reinforce and expand understanding and mastery of knowledge and skills
  • evaluation to assess the use of the skills acquired from training and coaching

Ongoing coaching is particularly important to ensure that learning from initial training will result in effective implementation.

NICE Certification
The National Intervener Certification E-Portfolio is managed in partnership with the Para2Center at the University of Colorado Denver.  NCDB provides ongoing technical assistance and support for mentoring and coaching with interested state and university partners.  Additional details can be found here. 

Initiative Background & Data Facts
Understand the intent of this national initiative and the unique role it plays in promoting the recognition of the need for qualified personnel for students who are deaf-blind at the local level.


OHOA Modules

Open Hands, Open Access: Deaf-Blind Intervener Modules.

The NICE Portfolio

National Intervener Certification E-Portfolio & Practicum.


Initiative products are contributing to the development of national supports.

Network Collaborations

Module Users

State partners who are using the OHOA modules, come together to share practice ideas.

Teachers of DB

The effort to promote strategies to support the development of skilled teachers is represented by a number of activities across the network.  

Personnel Prep

Using national competencies to provide a framework for systematic training of qualified personnel.

Initiative Group Forum
We learn from each other. We encourage you to reach out to your colleagues at NCDB or in other states with questions, ideas, or strategies to share.

Current Initiative Activities

NCDB : The Teaching Research Institute : Western Oregon University : 345 N. Monmouth Ave. : Monmouth, OR 97361
Contact Us: 800-438-9376 |

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