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Communication > Symbolic Communication

There are many different types of cues, signs and objects to support the communication skills of individuals who do not use speech and are deaf-blind.

Communication Symbols

Media Presentations on Tactile Symbols

Path to Symbolism

Using Tactile Symbols to Enhance Communication

103 Haptic Signals - A Reference Book

2017 National Webinar: Project Core: An Implementation Model for Building Early Symbolic Communication

Development of Symbolic Communication Bibliography

Project Core (Symbol Communication for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities)

Student-Centered AAC Design and Intervention: Practical, Collaborative Approaches for Learners with Visual Impairments and Additional Disabilities

Tangible Symbol Systems Primer

Tangible Symbol Systems: Making the Right to Communicate a Reality for Individuals with Severe Disabilities

Tangible Symbols

Using Cues to Enhance Expressive Communication

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