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About Deaf-Blindness > Causes of Deaf-Blindness

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About Deaf-Blindness > Causes of Deaf-Blindness

There are many causes of deaf-blindness. Those that are present or occur around the time a child is born include prematurity, childbirth complications, and numerous congenital syndromes, many of which are quite rare. Deaf-blindness may also occur later in childhood or during adulthood due to causes such as meningitis, brain injury, or inherited conditions.

Primary Etiologies of Deaf-Blindness - Alphabetically

Primary Etiologies of Deaf-Blindness - Frequency

Causes and Associated Conditions

Causes of Deaf-Blindness Bibliography

Deafblind People and Self-Identity- An Interview Survey

Etiologies and Characteristics of Deaf-Blindness

Etiologies Related To Deaf-Blindness

Is Knowing My Son's Etiology Really That Important?

Kentucky Part C Established Risk List with conditions that place a child "at high risk" and "at risk" for deaf-blindness indicated

Points to Consider About Etiologies

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