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Self-determination refers to an individual's exercise of control over his or her own life, through active participation in decision-making and the opportunity to take appropriate risks.

Becoming Empowered Through Self-Determination Skills

David Brown's Advice on Self-Determination Skills for Deaf-Blind Students

Deafblind International Youth Network

Self-Determination: An Overview

Transition Toolkit: Enhancing Self Determination for Young Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind

What is Self-Determination?

Valerie's Personal Passport: Enhancing Self-determination

Breaking Through the Barriers with Leadership Training

Center for Self-Determination

Creating Opportunities for Tomorrow: DeafBlind Transition Camp

Dreams, Plans and Self-Determination

OHSU Center on Self-Determination

Patterns for Encouraging Self-Determination

Preparing Youth to Exercise Self-Determination: Quality Indicators of School Environments that Promote the Acquisition of Knowledge, Skills, and Beliefs Related to Self-Determination

Research-to-Practice: Facilitating the Self-Determination of Youth and Young Adults With Deaf-Blindness


Self-Determination for Children and Young Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind

Self-Determination Is For Babies, Too! (2nd Article)

Self-Determination Materials Bibliography

Southeast Regional Teen and Young Adult Deaf-Blind Retreat

Supporting Self-Determination for Youth & Young Adults with Deafblindness

Third Person and Prompt Dependency

Three Things Parents Should Know About Self-Determination Skills for Deaf-Blind Students

What's LIKE Got to do with it

Who's Driving the Bus?

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