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National Child Count & Demographics

This section contains information on the National Deaf-Blind Child Count and as well as resources for general statistical information available related to the population.

A Personal View of Changes in Deaf-Blind Population, Philosophy, and Needs

Children Who Are Deaf-Blind

Helen Keller National Center National Registry

National Deaf-Blind Child Count Annual Reports

National Deaf-Blind Child Count Interactive Data Maps

National Technical Assistance Initiative: Activities Related to Child Count

The National Deaf-Blind Child Count: 1998-2005 in Review

2015 National Webinar - Deaf-Blind Child Count (October)

2016 National Webinar: National Deaf-Blind Child Count Update

AFB's Research Navigator Series

Annual Survey of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Youth

Deaf-Blind Child Counts: Issues and Challenges

Demographics Materials Bibliography

Estimates of Severely Visually Impaired Children

How Many Deaf People Are There in the United States? : Estimates from the Survey of Income and Program Participation

Statistics - APH Louis Database

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