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The concept of intervener services for individuals who are deaf-blind arose in Canada in the 1970s and has been developing as a practice in the U.S. over ther past several decades. Intervener services are provided by an intervener, typically a paraprofessional, who 1) has received specialized training in deaf-blindness; 2) works one-on-one with an infant, child, or youth who is deaf-blind; and 3) serves as a member of a child's educational team.

2014 Looking to the Future of Deaf-Blind Services and the Role of Interveners

A Family's Guide to Interveners.

Definition of Intervener Services and Interveners in Educational Settings Technical Report

Determining the Need for an Intervener in Educational Settings

Intervener Services and Interveners in Educational Settings - Definition

On-line Training Program in Deafblindness

Open Hands Open Access Intervener Services Learning Modules

Recommendations for Improving Intervener Services

Selecting an Intervener for a Student Who Is Deafblind

The Intervener in Early Intervention and Educational Settings for Children and Youth With Deafblindness

"What's My Role?" A Comparison of the Responsibilities of Interpreters, Interveners, and Support Service Providers

10 Issues to Always Consider When Intervening for Students with Deafblindness

2012 Discussion of Intervener Training Modules

Applying the Diagnostic Intervention Model for Fostering Harmonious Interactions Between Deaf-Blind Children and Their Educators: A Case Study

B.C. Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness

Beth Kennedy Explains the Intervener Model for Michigan

Christian and his Intervener

Comparison of Interveners and Paraprofessionals

Competencies for Training Interveners to Work with Children and Students with Deafblindness

Deaf-Blind Perspectives Articles on Interveners Bibliography

Deafblindness and the Role of the Intervener in Educational Settings

Effective Intervention

Ensuring Access to Highly Qualified Interveners and Teachers: Establishing Intervener and Teacher Specialized Professional Associations in Council for Exceptional Children

Intervener Code of Ethics

Intervener Services Initiative Data Summaries

Intervener Website - SKI-HI Institute

Interveners for Students with Deafblindness in Texas

Interveners: One Key to Success

Intervenor for Deaf-Blind Persons Training Program

Intervenor Training


Intervention for Individuals who are Deafblind

Intervention Strategies

Learning Environments for Individuals with Deafblindness

Mentor, Teacher, or Student

More on Interveners

Online Deafblind Intervener Certificate Program

Online Introduction to Interveners

Outreach and Training on Interveners Bibliography

Preservice Training Program in Deafblindness

Principles of the Canadian Concept of "Intervention"

Project SPARKLE: Supporting Parent Access to Resources, Knowledge, Linkages and Education

Recommendations on the Training of Interveners for Students who are Deafblind

Special Issue of California Deaf-Blind Services Newsletter on Interveners

Specialization Knowledge and Skill Set for Paraeducators who are Interveners for Individuals with Deafblindness

State Deaf-Blind Project Newsletter Articles and Fact Sheets on Intervener Services Bibliography

TA Communities of Practice on Interveners

The Intervener's Motto: Do With, Not For

Types of Intervention

What is Deafblindness and Intervention?

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