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Recent webinar presentations sponsored by NCDB.

2018 Improving the Use of Effective Practices Through Coaching

2018 Individualized Instruction in the Expanded Core Curriculum: An Introduction to Student Portfolios and Project-Based Learning

2018 Identifying and Serving Students who are DeafBlind with Formal Language: An Evolving Challenge for Our Field

2018 Webinar: iCanConnect - The National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program

2018 Mejorando la Colaboración del Equipo Educativo (Enhancing IEP Team Collaboration)

2018 Making Connections: Vermont's Early Intervention Partnerships

2018 Estrategias Para Salir Adelante y Mantener Este Balance (Strategies for Coping and Maintaining Balance)

2018 Two-Part Webinar Series: Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange

2017 National Webinar: Update of the Deaf-Blind Child Count

2017 National Webinar: Educational Considerations for Students with Usher Syndrome

2017 Webinar Nacional: La Historia de un Padre

2017 National Webinar: A Parent's Story

2017 National Webinar: National Family Needs Assessment Results

2017 National Webinar: OHOA Modules and Their Implications for Part C Providers

2017 National Webinar: Developing and Implementing Action Research Studies in Deafblindness

2017 National Webinar: Project Core: An Implementation Model for Building Early Symbolic Communication

2017 National Webinar: Brain Research: How Can Current Research Guide Us in Improving Practices For Children and Youth Who Are Deafblind?

2017 National Webinar: Introductory Tour: A Framework for Training Early Intervention Practitioners

2017 National Webinar: Identifying Learner Preferences and Utilizing Results in Designing Instructional Communication

2017 National Webinar: Comprehensive Personnel Development in Deafblind Education: Exploration of a Model

2017 National Webinar: Perceived Needs of Teachers of Students Who are Deafblind: Implications for Training Programs

2017 DB Summit Webinar: Planning and TA Guide Discussion

2017 EI&R Webinar Series: Early Identification and Referral: Working with the Medical Community

2017 Spanish Webinar Series: ASOCIACIONES Y TRABAJO EN EQUIPO Sólo no puedo, pero en equipo si!

2017 National Webinar: Starting a National Dialogue on Finding Children with Usher Syndrome

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