Family Engagement Coordinators

Jodi Anderson
Family Engagement Coordinator
Wisconsin Deafblind Technical Assistance Project
Fond du Lac, WI
Edgenie Bellah
Family Engagement Specialist
Texas Deafblind Project
Austin, TX
Molly Black
Family Engagement Consultant
PA Deaf-Blind Project/PaTTAN
Irwin, PA
Stella Chang
Hawai'i and Pacific Deaf-Blind Project
Mary Espinola
Family Specialist
North Carolina Deaf-Blind Project
Cathy Haarstad
Family Engagement Coordinator
ND Center for Persons with Disabilities
Minot, ND
Lynne Hamelberg, Ph. D.
Outreach and Family Specialist
Ohio Center for Deafblind Education
Columbus, OH
Jennifer Henkle
Family Engagement Coordinator
NJ Center on Deaf Blindness
Ewing, NJ
Susan Hollis
Family Specialist
New England Consortium of Deafblind
Watertown, MA
Ruth Ann King
WV SenseAbilities Project
Charleston , WV
Pam Kissoondyal
Family Specialist
Florida & Virgin Islands Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Gainesville , FL
352 672 4598
Heather Joy Magdelano
Family Engagement Coordinator
Arizona Deafblind Project
Phoenix, AZ
Tula Mama
Tulamama Baby Shower
Milton, GA
Patti McGowan
Family Engagement Consultant/ Parent
PaTTAN Pennsylvania Deaf-Blind Project
North Huntingdon, PA
724-864-2553 or cell 724-989-4640
Myrna Medina
California Deaf-Blind Services
Riverside, CA
Emily Mortimer
Family Support Specialist
Utah Deaf-Blind Project
Ogden, UT
Debra Pickens
Co-Director NC Deaf-Blind Project and NC Parent Educator
Exceptional Children Assistance Center and NC Deaf-Blind Project
Sonu Rangnekar
Family Specialist, New England Consortium for the Deaf Blind (NEC)
Watertown, MA
Margaret Richardson
North Carolina Project for Children and Young Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind
Charlotte, NC
Deanna Rothbauer
Project Coordinator & Family Specialist
Minnesota DeafBlind Project
Arden Hills, MN
Silvia Verga
Family Specialist
Queens, NY
Jana Villemez
Family Consultant
CAYSI - Children And Youth with Sensory Impairment and other disabilities
Little Rock, AR
Shelly Voelker
Doctor of Education
Florida & Virgin Islands Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Virginia Williams
Missouri Project for Deafblind Services
Kim Zeigler
Kentucky Services for Children and Youth Who Are Deaf-Blind
Lexington, KY

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