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History of Deaf-Blind Education

Laura Bridgman, the first person who was deaf-blind to learn language, entered the New England Asylum for the Blind (Perkins School for the Blind) in 1837. There have been programs and services for students who are deaf-Blind in the United States since that time. This section explores the evolution of those services and the impact of federal support on the service system.

Beginnings of Deafblind Education (Perkins School for the Blind)

Educational Services

Anne Sullivan Macy Online Museum

Deafblindness: Educational Service Guidelines: A Product of Our Strengthening Field

Educational Services and Programs for Children who are Deaf-Blind: A Brief Overview of the Federal Program

Helen Keller Kids Museum Online

History and Change in the Education of Children Who Are Deaf-Blind Since the Rubella Epidemic of the 1960s: Influence of Methods Developed in the Netherlands

History of Deaf-Blind Education Bibliography

Teacher Preparation for the Education of Students who are Deafblind: A Retrospective and Prospective View

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