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Hearing is a critical distance sense impacting children who are deaf-blind. The degree of hearing loss varies among these children. This section focuses primarily on hearing aids and FM systems as well as reported hearing loss among this population of children. Central Auditory Processing Disorder/Auditory Neuropathy, Cochlear Implants and Functional Hearing are addressed in separate sections of selected topics.

Assessments for Hearing & Functioning of the Ear

Children Who Are Deaf-Blind

Hearing Bibliography

Anatomy of the Ear

Anatomy of the Ear Video Presentation

Are You Listening? Auditory Issues for Children with Visual Impairments

Boys Town National Research Hospital - Current Studies

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Pediatric Audiology Links to Services (EHDI-PALS)

Hearing and Balance

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Simulator

Promoting Wearing of Hearing Aids

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