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CHARGE Syndrome

CHARGE syndrome, an extremely complex and rare disorder, is a pattern of birth defects that often result in hearing and vision losses. Children born with CHARGE Syndrome are affected differently. Many experience extensive medical and physical difficulties while others are more mildly impacted. Over the past decade CHARGE Syndrome has been identified as the leading single syndrome associated with deaf-blindness in school age children.


CHARGE Syndrome: A Management Manual for Parents

2014 Social Behavior - Let's Talk about it

Assessment of Children with CHARGE

Behavioral Issues in Children with CHARGE Syndrome - Bibliography

CHARGE Syndrome Bibliographies

CHARGE Syndrome Book

CHARGE Syndrome Foundation

CHARGE Syndrome: Education Professional Packet

Deaf-Blindness, Self-Regulation, and Availability for Learning: Some Thoughts on Educating Children with CHARGE Syndrome

Living With CHARGE

Taking CHARGE of Communication

Vision Issues for People with CHARGE Syndrome

Vision Issues for People with CHARGE Syndrome

“Why are children with CHARGE syndrome so lazy?” Reflections on caution, self-preservation, adaptive abilities, function, efficient use of energy, and self-awareness, and the way that these can be mis

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