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Dr. Jan van Dijk has been a practitioner, researcher and advocate in the field of deaf-blindness for 50 years. His approach to the education of children who are deaf-blind has led to the development of the concepts of resonance, attachment, co-active movement and natural communication. His research includes work with the rubella population, with CHARGE syndrome, assessment and also neurobiology.

An Educational Curriculum for Deaf-Blind Multi-Handicapped Persons

Child-Guided Assessment

Deafblind Children

Overview of the van Dijk Curricular Approach

Persons Handicapped by Rubella: Victors and Victims - A Follow-Up Study

The Sint-Michielsgestel Approach to Diagnosis and Education of Multisensory Impaired Persons

van Dijk CD-Rom Products Bibliography

van Dijk Theory Bibliography

Which Predictors Play an Important Role in Successful Deaf-Blind Education?

Working with Deaf-Blind Children and Adolescents

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